Each day on our inviting, family-friendly campus, you'll find an incredible group of young people learning in a safe-and-secure environment, crafted to deliver a powerful combination of faith and academics.


Our goal is to support your deepest desire as a parent; to raise happy children who are ready to thrive, grow and compete in the real world. For 30 years we've helped Heritage families achieve this goal through an unparalleled staff of devoted teachers, called to serve our Lord and delivering a Christ-centered, Bible-based curriculum.

According to our 2011 S.A.T. test scores, by the time our students reached 3rd grade and in every subsequent year, on average they tested as well as a student 3-4 years above that grade level would have tested.

We also offer before and after school care.

If you are looking to give your children a quality education that strengthens them in faith and family-values, then Heritage is the place for you and your family.

Heritage Christian Academy is a ministry of CrossPointe Church.

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