Our Growth Groups are the perfect way to make those close, personal relationships we all need. These smaller groups are the place to build those relationships through shared burdens & prayer requests, regular social events, and in-depth bible teaching. The friendships you make here can last a lifetime. Join a growth group today and begin to CONNECT with others!


Women’s Bible Study

Lead by: Sharon Steele
Meets on: Sundays 9:30 | Room B-204

We will study the Bible together, apply it to our daily lives, and encourage each other to grow.

Adults With Older Children

Lead by: Steve Fish
Meets on: Sundays 9:30am | Room B-217

Join as we connect with others, share our lives, struggles, & blessings in a safe environment.

HCA Families

Lead by: Jake Foster
Meets on: 2 Sundays per month, 5:30pm - 7:30pm | Chapel

Join us for a potluck dinner, group study and discussion. Childcare provided. 

College (18-24)

Age group: 18-24
Lead by: Andrew Arrieta
Meets on: Fridays 6pm | Chapel

We want to learn how to follow Jesus & live in community. The coffee is free, the music is great, & the conversations are engaging.

Young Professionals (25-30) Gospel-Centered Life

Age group: 25-30
Lead by: Andrew Arrieta
Meets on: Sundays 11am | B-217

Join us as we dive into this fantastic study and discover how the Gospel can transform every area of your life.

Seniors / LIFERS

Lead by: Bill Stringer
Meets on: Sundays @ 11:00am | Chapel

Our heart is to provide a comfortable place for senior adults to fellowship, pray & study together.

Adults (55-69)

Age group: 55-69
Lead by: Gerry Wallace
Meets on: Sundays @ 9:30am | Conference Room A

We care & support one another by studying God’s word & apply it to our daily lives.

Adults (45-59)

Age group: 45-59
Lead by: Dan Powell
Meets on: Sundays @ 11:00am | Conference Room A

We care & support one another by studying God’s word and applying it to our daily lives.

Adults (55+)

Age group: 55+
Lead by: Nancy Howison
Meets on: Sundays 9:30am | Conference Room B

Join us as we seek to know God, gain understanding of His word, and learn to share it with others.



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