In addition to the biblically mandated charge of diligently keeping the church anchored to the Word of God and growing in the Holy Spirit, the elders are responsible for holding the lead pastor accountable to the guiding principles under the Accountable Leadership organizational structure.

One of the highest priorities of our elders is prayer. Prayer is the lifeblood of the church. Nothing is more important than an effective prayer life founded upon the truth of God’s word. Prayer without truth is worthless. Knowing the word without a relationship with God that is evident by an active prayer life is incomplete. If an elder cannot be faithful in this fundamental issue, the church will have no power.


Our current elders

  • Chairman: Jim Cupp

  • Vice-chairman: Jack Middlebrooks 

  • Secretary: Dan Powell


Our mission as identified in the Bible is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by ministering in a servant’s role with a servant’s heart, first to the Body of Christ, then to those in our neighboring communities and ultimately to the world at large... to humbly serve the Lord, our Pastor/Elders, staff and congregation through prayer, visitation, spiritual counsel, administration of ordinances and charitable deeds; being visual representatives of the presence of Christ within the organization of the church.


Our current deacons

  • Vasy Bostan

  • Tom Day

  • Dan Gabbert

  • Nic Morar

  • Jack Peterson

  • Seth Tufteland